I really want to take a second and just appreciate how insanely amazing G.U.P. is… as a collective and as individuals. Purely artists of movement, film, and friendship.

Currently the members of G.U.P. are on a month long tour across Europe.

GUP ADVENTURE“Our idea is to make a month-long trip through the most magical places mainly in France,
Switzerland and northern Spain and exploit all its possibilities with our acrobatic skills,
learned after more than eight years of training the discipline of Parkour. The places we will
visit are Dune du Pilat, Mont Saint Michel, Cliffs of Étretat, Dame du Lac, L’arche Percee
de Chartreuse and many more as you can see in the galery. During our trip we will visit
many more unscheduled places, anything interesting we find on our way. Parkour is the
main motive behind this idea, to discover new places to practice in cities such as Lyon,
Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse, Évry etc and get in touch with local practitioners to train.

The entire trip will be documented and released as one large video recorded and edited by
Sergio Cora. We will share with you all the abandoned sites, monuments, waterfalls, cliffs,
Parkour training, stunts and whatever else we come across and experience during this

Be sure to follow them along their way!

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