Importance. A word that makes things more significant. The meaning behind it is simple. The level of importance always varies, depending on what it is that you’re talking about. Importance is all perception, not one thing in this life is important unless you make it so. That’s why we become so attached to the things that are important to us, because we are creating them to be more than they are. I’d say that’s the beauty of it.

I give myself little check points to help me define what is important in my life. That way I can be directed a little better and focus on the positives in life. A little over two years ago, one of my very best friends(Jeremy) was getting ready to go on a two year mission to South Korea. I got to spend about a week with him before he left, we were doing a performance in Las Vegas together and spent a few days in St. George with his family. I remember one of his family members had asked him a question that weighed heavily on me. A simple question that has resonated with me since I heard it. In a lot of ways it helped me to create who I am and who I want to be, sometimes on a daily basis. As simple as it might sound, that question was, “What are the five most important things to you in this life?”. Without much time wasted, Jeremy listed those off. The woman who asked the question smiled and spoke about his answers briefly with him. What I noticed was the direction of Jeremy answers. What was important to him was beautiful, non-material, and pure.

Throughout the last few years since then, I ask myself that same question, as well as others. The answer isn’t always the same. It changes and develops. Sometimes I make certain things more important than others and sometimes things are on the same level. It’s been very helpful for me to ask what truly is important to me, and to see what I have or have not been making important.  What I’ve noticed though, is that whatever those five things are, I turn them into opportunities to love more, create more, and work harder and smarter.

So, what are the five most important things in this life?


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