Life is one continuous, ever going balancing act. I find myself consistently struggling to find this unattainable reality where my life is fully balanced. I know it will never happen, but I’m still working towards it. It’s almost like a game, when you finally get something in balance, another will fall out, then you focus on that and another part of your life will fall out again. When our life becomes heavily out of balance, things can get stressful and hard to deal with.


Our worlds seem run on duality, which makes balance a little more fathomable.

Happiness | Sadness               Anger | Peace            Hate | Love

These are all examples of emotions and feelings that we receive from things that occur around us in life. Something I find interesting though, is that these emotions are usually created by what I think of as a “victim mentality”. Life is always happening TO us, not around us. What if these emotions were created based on what we put out into the world instead? Well they are, you’re putting out energy into the world too and manifesting emotions such as these for other people too, probably without even knowing it. Yet again though, I believe it’s all a balance. Putting our energy into the world, and getting back from the world around us.

Now, balance is harder to achieve than ever I believe. There is so much information coming at us at such a fast rate, full of distractions to keep us busy. Cell phones, video games, TV, jobs, events, whatever that celebrity person is doing, violence in the world, war, gun control, feminism, the next president, his opinion, hers, Miley Cyrus, black and blue or white and gold dresses, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, these new chips you should buy, blah blah blah blah… The distractions keep us from looking at the things that we can actually change to help make things better in our world and others. It’s ourselves.

How is it possible to gain even the slightest bit of balance of ourselves with all of this adversity towards it? You can go off and find hundreds of things that might need to be the focus of balance. Where would you even start?

For me balance derives from importance. What is actually important to me, and how do I create a balance between those things? Balance can be worked from different angles, but not by some “all-of-a-sudden-my-life-is-balanced” magic. It takes time, patience, and dedication. There is no end goal. It’s similar to a rabbit on a treadmill, chasing a carrot at the end of a stick. He can see it, smell it, and keep running at it, but he won’t reach it.

You can go off and find hundreds of things that might need to be the focus of balance. These are some key things that I juggle around with to work towards the unachievable balance:


The healthier you are, the better you feel, the more motivated you are. This comes down to nutrition, sleep patterns, self talk, positivity, and what you spend your time doing. Do you work all the time and stress yourself out? That’s probably not going to help your balance.. Which comes to the next point.


If you work ALL the time, you’re probably not very happy, unless you love your job. Even then if you’re putting in heavy hours with little wiggle room, it’s going to weigh down on you. On the other hand, if you work little to none and you just get to play, your life might get a little dull as well. Humans strive off of purpose and accomplishment.


This is a tough one. Especially when it comes to girlfriends/boyfriends, marriage, friends, family, etc. I’m not going to say too much about this one. It’s important to live independent lives, while also being able to give your attention and love to those around you. You need time alone to reflect and learn about yourself, as much as you need to spend time with others to do exactly the same.


This is very broad and vague, I know. “Besides, isn’t this whole topic about self anyway?” What I mean by self, is the things that make you who you are, and who you want to create yourself to be. The balance of being an authentic person to others, and especially to yourself. The self balance is between your spirituality and ego.

“Ego ALWAYS breeds sorrow, anger and confusion. Experiencing these emotions should be nothing but an indicator that we are living in a false self.”

Working towards balancing your life will help create a more peaceful, motivated, and realistic version of yourself. I encourage everyone to find those key things that help create a work towards balance. In time, it will help you have more opportunity to love, forgive, understand, create, live, and things you probably wouldn’t imagine. Remember:

“Everything in moderation”



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