What Do You Choose? – Joe Lobeck

“Bold. Real. Pure.

I only have to think of these three words for goosebumps to shower over my head. My deepest concern about life is learning to continually progress and evolve, that evolution is only possible from being bold, real and pure.

But what does that mean? Every human on this planet is essentially walking their own unique path, we may all experience different things and have different perceptions, but in the end, we all share a common bond – and that is that we all struggle. That struggle is a common language, it matters not what race, religion, gender or age we are. The struggle is the key to evolution, how we handle the struggle is the door. The door doesn’t open easily unless we properly use the key. Some of us try to kick the door down, some of us don’t even realize we hold the key in our hands and we go searching for it frustrated, thinking we’ve been cheated somehow.

So, as I’ve experienced life so far, the most important thing in the world is to realize that to move forward and progress, we need to drop our shields. A degree of vulnerability is necessary and that might be as simple as admitting we aren’t all that we think we are. It takes a warrior mindset and attitude to tend to the wounded child in us. This is Boldness. I suspect many of us would consider bold as this macho, tough and hardened individual who stands up against the world. I see boldness as the complete opposite, because real pain is not what our bodies endure, real pain is the inner pain, the one we feel when we’re left completely alone. Boldness is necessary for vulnerability because the vulnerable man in this world tends to get eaten alive. We live in a dog eat dog world, where the weak simply cannot survive.

What does it mean to be real? I think this is a question every human being has asked himself in the entire history of man at one point or another. In order to be real, we need to first consider what it means to be unreal. The only unreal thing a man can experience is his ego. The ego is a concept, it’s not a real thing, it has no substance, but even so, it dramatically impacts the well being of the individual. The ego develops from childhood when we experience a sensation like someone shouting ‘Straighten up you!’ and we feel this tightening in our body as ‘I.’ Over time, this ‘I’ get’s reinforced and before we know it, we exist in the world as this single entity where if we’re not careful, we might die. This is all false. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find ‘real’ individuals in the world because we have no system to break down the ego. In fact, that’s not true. Meditation is the key to seeing through this false sense of self, but even meditation has turned into this ‘hippie dippie’ smoke weed theme. The very practice which ultimately brings everlasting joy has been tarnished down to a metaphysical mumbo jumbo the devil created. Only an ego could perpetuate such nonsense.

What is purity? Purity is cleanliness. Inner cleanliness. First off, the body is the only thing that can become impure. The soul can never be impure because the soul is essentially God. Impurity is a result of actions that conflict with what’s natural. Humans are the only species who have turned away from nature. We are the only species capable of destroying nature on a mass scale. The actions that lead to this impurity only extend from our false sense of self who feels threatened by the very thing we are – nature. The way back to purity is ironically doing nothing, but rather being. Being is fundamentally different from doing. Doing is a tension, being is a relaxation.

I can’t speak for others, but in my life the key to truly being alive is constantly shining light on that which is false. I have a choice to make whether I see life as one way or another. That choice is going to directly influence my health and overall sense of well being. I choose positivity. I choose love. I’ve chosen other paths and they hurt not only myself but others around me. I choose not to create a hell on earth. I choose to be bold. I choose to be real. I choose to be pure.

The last fundamental question to ask yourself is – What do you choose?”

Written by Joe Lobeck. Get to know his mission here: NinFit



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