“End Up”

There seems to be a common misconception in life that link getting older and life sucking. I think it’s actually pretty ridiculous. The only reason life sucks when you get older is because you let it. A lot of times I hear of an individual “end up” with someone they don’t really want to be with, or with a job they clearly aren’t happy with, or maybe life didn’t work out the way they wanted it to so it simply “sucks”. You can see it in the way they talk about their situation, even feel it. Why do we let ourselves get to that point? Maybe it’s not where we end up, maybe it’s how we think about it.

Personally, I have had a really easy life. Sure, I have a lung disease that has put me in and out of the hospital, I’ve had hardships, I’ve had gut wrenching arguments, breakups, physical injuries, had family members pass away. To me though, that’s just life. That doesn’t define where I’m at. How I feel about my life defines where I’m at.

There tend to be times where we act like the whole world is falling apart for split seconds throughout the day. As if the whole world revolves around our actions and our destiny. A simple example,”I just washed my car and OF COURSE it rains the next day.” Yet, it rained for everyone else too. Even for others who washed their cars. I’m sure you can think of a number of examples where you’ve heard that or even thought that yourself.

I hear it all the time,”Of course that would happen today.” Generally these things that are blamed, or that are the culprit of your demise, are 100% out of your control, but they somehow are viewed as things that would happen BECAUSE you did something or because of who you are. It’s unknowingly contradictory. The perception can be different though, you can see parts of life as if it is happening TO you, or that those things are just happening AROUND you.  This is where you need to decide if you’re going to be a victim in life, or be appreciative.

There are a lot of things that flow in life that lead us to where we are at, to where we are going. There is no “end goal” for me. There is only appreciating what is now and striving for goals along the way. These are some things that I think about on my journey through life that help me gauge my direction in life so that I end up where I want to be.


The choices we make alter where we are going in our life, big and small. Not only the choices on what we are going to do, but how we choose to feel and perceive things that happen in our lives. You have the choice to feel upset about your current situation or where you’re at in life, and you have the choice to accept it and feel at peace with it, and figure out how to change it.


We practice faith on a daily basis, faith in the vehicles we get in, faith in our friends and family, faith that we will keep living throughout the day. I believe that God is there to guide us if we let Him. That if you live by faith that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and that you will make the choices that will help you be where you need to be. Better yet, where God needs you to be.


I noticed that the less active I am in my life, and the more I put myself in the “daily zombie” area, the more complacent I get,  the more negative I get, the less happy I am with where I’m at. The more active I am in my life, the more I try to be conscious of the choices I make, the more faithful I am, the more I can see where I am needed for others, and be more for myself.

There will always be opportunities to watch the sun shine throughout the day, but only if you notice it. I wish you all a peaceful heart, a positive outlook, and a beautiful life.


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