My name is Vinnie Coryell. I’m a Colorado native athlete, aspiring photography, and adventurer. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to travel the world and explore my creativity. This website is a place to showcase my professional work for Parkour, photography, my writing, and my favorite experiences in life.

I’ve been teaching and practicing Parkour for 8 years now. I’ve competed in events and performed around the world, and have been teaching for 7 years. I am an owner and operator of a Parkour Training Facility called Move to Inspire that I opened in June of 2014.

Photography has been a growing passion of mine. Whether it’s shooting pictures of people, Parkour, landscapes, or one of the adventures I end up on, I am learning how to capture a feeling through the lens. I’m going to continue working and progressing with it as much as I can.

Thank you to all of the people who have supported me and I hope you enjoy my website. If you have any questions, inquiries for work, photography, or comments, feel free to email me at:

-Vinnie Coryell


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